Updated August 2023

Residential HVAC systems were once considered a luxury. However, as this equipment became increasingly available, people had the ability to populate new areas despite their exceedingly hot or cold temperatures. Now, without reliable heating and cooling, many Firestone, CO homes are rendered unsafe. When outside temperatures plummet or soar, consumers who lack functional HVAC systems are at risk of developing temperature-related health issues. Unfortunately, the costs of keeping your home HVAC system in good repair aren’t always feasible. To help you keep up, many home warranty plans offer a number of impressive HVAC protections.

Finding a Home Warranty Plan That Will Cover Your HVAC System

When your house or any of the items that it contains are damaged by a sudden and unexpected event, you can rely on your home insurance policy to cover the costs of all related replacements and repairs. Home insurance keeps consumers from being financially devastated by disasters like fires, floods, and storm damage. Unfortunately, these aren’t the only events that damage costly home appliances and home systems. The greatest cause of property loss in these areas is time itself.

Home warranties are service agreements that will pay to repair or replace appliances and home systems that are malfunctioning or have stopped working as a result of normal wear and tear. They offer consumers a smart and economical way to plan for the expected, especially when homeowners are careful to choose the right warranty types.

Home warranties can cover appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, trash compactors, and other items. However, unless a home warranty is designated as covering both home appliances and home systems, the warranty holder’s HVAC equipment will not be protected. Much like electrical systems and plumbing systems, warranty companies recognize HVAC equipment as being a home system. If you’re shopping for a home warranty, be sure to choose one that’s labeled as a “systems and appliances” agreement.

The Problem With Last-Minute Home Warranty Purchases

The protections provided by a decent home warranty can almost seem too good to be true. For a relatively nominal annual premium, you can avoid the incredibly high costs of having to replace your HVAC system by yourself. Home warranty companies make money and keep themselves afloat by collecting annual premiums from consumers who are acting in good faith. If you abide by the terms of your home warranty and take good care of the systems and appliances that your service agreement protects, your warranty provider shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars each year to honor all of your service requests. In fact, apart from taking advantage of the maintenance benefits that their plans provide, many home warranty holders rarely submit repair or replacement requests at all.

To combat the potential of having people purchase last-minute warranties in bad faith, warranty providers have instituted mandatory waiting periods. These typically last one full month from the date of signing. Waiting until your HVAC system fails or is in a serious state of disrepair won’t help you at all. Any damages that are reported during your mandatory waiting period must be paid for by you.

Ongoing HVAC Maintenance and Your Home Warranty

Many of the most common causes of HVAC system malfunctions can be directly attributed to homeowner negligence. Home heating and cooling equipment overheats, freezes over, or simply fails to work when it isn’t receiving regular filter changes, annual service, or other essential maintenance support.

Home warranties are known as service agreements because they represent a mutual arrangement between two parties: the warranty issuer and the warranty holder. While your warranty company will pay for wear-related and age-related damage, it’s your duty to do all that you can to limit these types of problems. When you read through your warranty agreement, you’ll likely find clear instructions on how to care for covered items. At the very least, warranty companies expect consumers to perform all manufacturer-recommended maintenance on schedule.

Failing to maintain your home appliances or home systems can result in the cancellation or voidance of your home service agreement. Thus, while most warranties will cover HVAC replacements and repairs, they won’t if problems have been caused by the oversight or outright negligence of homeowners themselves.

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