Homeowners can save on their monthly energy costs by installing heat pumps in Longmont and Firestone, CO. Our heat pump experts at My Guy Heating and Air, LLC provide complete installation services for homes of all sizes in this area. A heat pump installation is a dependable way to heat and cool a single room or home. No matter what type of heat pump you install, you’ll have complete control over the temperature in your space. This user-friendly indoor air system is easy to operate and safe to use. We can assist you in selecting and installing the new equipment.

Heat pumps help you manage indoor temperatures by moving hot air into and out of the home. The heat pump utilizes a blower and thermostat system to deliver air into a room. Some pump systems only provide heating, while others offer heating and cooling by flipping a switch. One of our trained technicians can assist you in choosing the best model for your particular needs. In addition, our team can provide guidance on which configuration works best for a home’s floor plan.

We also offer heat pump services in: