Keeping the home cool and comfortable during the summer can skyrocket your utility bills. A common misconception is that closing your air vents upstairs can lower your costs. Unfortunately, shutting your vents will often cause more harm than good to your HVAC system.

Doesn’t Save Money

By closing your vents upstairs, you stop cool air from being pumped into those rooms. However, your home’s HVAC system likely wasn’t designed to have vents closed. Cutting off the flow of cool air into certain rooms can increase the pressure in the vents, which ultimately restricts the airflow to the rest of the home. The same amount of air is being pumped into your vents but doesn’t have as many exits available. Your energy bills may rise as the system works harder to distribute cool air.

Harms HVAC System

Your HVAC system’s lifespan and overall efficiency can be impacted the longer your vents are closed. Depending on your system, your blower may begin to pump out less air, which will affect how long it takes your home to reach its desired temperature. It may even pump out more to attempt to overcome the additional vent pressure. Both of these outcomes force your blower to work harder than before, which increases its chances of breaking down.

Blower issues can lead to problems with your evaporator coil and heat exchanger. Closing your vents doesn’t save you money and will ultimately lead to more costs in the future. Protect your home and your budget by using your air vents and air conditioner as intended.

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