If you’re going to go ductless, then you’ll want the best mini-split air conditioner in Erie, CO. Fortunately, there are plenty of name brands out there with durable, energy-efficient units. But before thinking about what the best mini-split AC is, you’ll want to make sure these units will suit your home.

Do you already have central AC? In that case, a mini-split can be ideal for any room that your ductwork won’t reach. It could be a sunroom that you just added to your home, or it could be a garage that’s separate from the rest of the house.

Mini-splits are perfect for homes that can’t support ductwork: that is, older homes and homes worth preserving for their historic value. They can also provide reliable performance for those building a home from the foundation up. With one compressor and a maximum of eight air handlers, you’ll get pretty much the equivalent of whole-house cooling.