My Guy Heating and Air, LLC works with area homeowners to improve their indoor air quality in Loveland, CO. Breathing the freshest air possible supports better health for everyone in the home. Outdoor pollutants find their way inside through a variety of avenues. Some products used in the home release chemicals and contaminants over time. These factors make breathing indoors a dangerous situation, especially for anyone who already experiences compromised health. Indoor air quality testing alerts you to the condition of the air you breathe inside your home.

Installing filtration or purification equipment can slow contaminants from entering the home and remove them from the air. Homes with fuel-burning fireplaces or stoves usually need additional equipment to remove the toxins created with every use. Fresh air means no odd smells or nasty odors that make breathing unpleasant. Once your testing process completes, you’ll know more about what problems require your attention. Our company can help you address dirty air by installing the right products for your floor plan.