Over the past few decades, improvements in the technology and construction of air conditioning systems have made them more durable than ever. As a result, plenty of homes in Mead, CO, and the surrounding areas have AC systems approaching 20 years old or more. Years ago, that was an unheard-of age for an AC to reach, with most residential systems needing replacement at around the ten-year mark. However, if your home has a 20-year-old AC system, you may want to think about replacing it, even if it’s still working. Here’s why.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The first and most important reason why you should replace your 20-year-old AC is energy efficiency. Depending on the exact year you purchased your existing system, it may have a SEER rating as low as 10. SEER ratings are the standard energy efficiency measure used for air conditioners. Today, the minimum SEER rating for any AC unit you’d purchase here in Mead is 14. That would represent an efficiency increase of 28.6% over your existing system, which translates into huge operating cost savings.

Newer Systems Are More Environmentally-Friendly

Another reason to consider replacing your 20-year-old AC unit is that it may pose a serious hazard to the environment. This is because older air conditioners used refrigerants like R-22, which is a toxic gas. According to the U.S. EPA’s Global Warming Potential (GWP) scale, R-22 has a GWP of 1,810—which is 2000 times that of carbon dioxide. R-22 was so bad for the environment that its use was banned in 2010. Today, far more environmentally-friendly refrigerants like R-454B power AC systems. It has a global warming potential of just 465, meaning that your new AC will be better for the environment by quite a margin.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Remember how we said that your current air conditioner was more durable than those of previous generations? Well, today’s AC systems are even better. This means a new AC system should reduce your ongoing maintenance and repair costs. You can also get even more years of reliable service from a new AC than you did from your existing one. Over the lifetime of your new AC, that will translate into major savings that make the upfront costs of a new system much more palatable. It also means that a new AC is less likely to break down on a hot day, leaving you stuck in the heat.

Increased Indoor Comfort

Consider the fact that a new AC unit will deliver increased comfort in your home compared to your old system. Newer AC models feature superior technology and higher-quality components than older models. They feature improved compressors and evaporator coils that transfer heat more effectively. This means that newer equipment will keep your home cool even on the hottest summer days, when your existing system might struggle to maintain your set temperature.

Increased Home Value

Last but not least, a new AC unit will increase your home’s resale value. Since central AC is a major part of your home’s infrastructure, potential buyers will consider the age of your air conditioning when making an offer on your home. If you decide to sell without replacing your aging AC, your home may end up being purchased for a lower price. According to some estimates, a new AC system can add up to 10% to your home’s resale price. That alone makes a new AC worth its initial investment, even if you sell your home shortly after the installation.

Consult the Mead AC Experts

Now that you know all of the reasons you should consider replacing your 20-year-old AC, the next step is choosing the right new system. My Guy Heating and Air, LLC can help you do just that. We’re a locally owned and operated HVAC company with an expert staff of HVAC technicians. We offer HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance, as well as indoor air quality solutions. Our owner, Leonard Wilson, has over a decade of industry experience and is an NCCER-certified and licensed Master Mechanical HVAC Service Technician. We even offer financing on approved credit to help you better afford the new AC system your home needs. So, call My Guy Heating and Air, LLC today to discuss your new AC system options for your Mead home.

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